Are you going through the motions or are you truly passionate about what you do?

Be HONEST – Are you passionate about what you do? Or is it simply a job ….a “sort of” career predicated on HOPE or LUCK rather than self-improvement and hard work? Do you view your networking-marking role as valuable, vital, rewarding? Are you a problem solver, a dream enabler? Or just a lock box waiting to be opened? Do you make a difference in other people’s lives?

PASSION IS ESSENTIAL for personal or business success.

  • Passion cannot be auctioned on-line, it cannot be borrowed or looted away.
  • Passion is not always logical, rational or sensible. You can see it, feel it, but cannot touch it.
  • Passion is pure emotion – excitement, enthusiasm, obsession, and desire; usually followed by relentless, near compulsive proactivity – aggressively pursuing a cause, an ideal, an individual or group. No one has to threaten, prod or bribe a truly passionate person; their passion self-propels them, and pull others.
  • Passionate people are more than satisfied with their work……they LOVE it! They’re more psychologically healthy, rarely tardy or bedridden. You don’t have to be a cheerleader to be passionate – It’s an INNER FIRE.

TO BE SUPER SUCCESSFUL in network marketing, you must be PASSIONATE about what you do, the people you work with, the daily challenges, the humdrum routine. Contrary to what’s often posed as “passionate” behavior, being truly passionate does not mean you need to act silly, giddy, stupidly or frivolously. Rather, passionate people are singularly focused, determined, and not easily distracted. They follow proven methodologies; yet seek better ways to improve performance and results. How you approach each morning will heat your passion.  Passion thrives when you focus on the results you have set for yourself. If you’re in love with your goals, you’ll pursue them with passion and proactivity.

Emerson said it well, “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” It’s a decision you make every single morning – to either attack each day with GUSTO or let the day, simply go by.  Focus on your interactions, your goals, your self-confidence and convictions.

PASSIONATE PEOPLE slough off rejection, everyday obstacles, those snide remarks from dream stealers and envious colleagues. Be passionate about your profession and the importance of your role. Relish each opportunity to prospect as a gift not drudgery.  Do these things and you will see your business SOAR!