content-meetbarryA few weeks ago, I asked for questions you wanted answered about network marketing, and today we’re going to start with an issue almost everyone will come across at some point in time. The challenge is this: how do you deal with negative friends and family while trying to build your network marketing business?

When you set out to try something new or achieve a goal that’s against the status quo, you’re bound to face more resistance and negativity, even from those closest to you.  Negativity can come from many places- a place of concern, jealousy, love, ignorance, apprehension or fear.  This negativity isn’t about you- so don’t feel bad if your family and friends aren’t quick to support you and your goals.

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Those who are resistant to change will be some of your biggest naysayers- they fear the unknown and don’t like to venture far from the crowd.  These can include friends and family who have been at the same job for years or are 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers who punch a clock and aren’t entrepreneurial by nature.  Not everyone has the courage to break away from the mainstream, and that’s ok- but don’t let their fear and negativity discourage you from going after your bigger dreams.

So how do you handle negativity from friends and family as you grow your network marketing business?  Here are a few tips for how to deal with negativity close to home:

  • First and foremost- don’t take it personally. You’ll hear objections and negative comments from many people, even those closest to you, but it’s never truly about YOU.  What others say and do is a projection of their own feelings and attitudes, so don’t take their negativity personally.    
  • Explain why this opportunity is important to you.  Let those closest to you know how important your goal of growing your business is and how much their support would mean to you.  Even if they have objections, explain the importance of their support and ask that they trust in your judgment and decision to pursue this goal.
  • Listen to their concerns.  Find out where the negativity is coming from by asking probing questions to get to the heart of their objections.  Use this familiar audience to prepare you for future objections from prospects and potential clients.  It’ll be much easier to handle the objections of strangers after you’ve already handled them with family and friends.
  • Find other sources for support and encouragement.  If you can’t find support close to home, look for groups and organizations of like-minded individuals.  With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to connect with others and create a support network of people who can be a source of encouragement and inspiration.  Seek out network marketing groups and professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can share your challenges and gain inspiration to help grow your business.
  • Don’t expect everyone to be your cheerleader.  If you’re looking for approval from everyone else, you’ll never go very far in anything you do.  A core group of supporters is important, but the fire and determination to grow this business must come from YOU.  Steadfastly believe in yourself and your goals, and nobody will be able to stop you!
  • Limit your interaction with negative people.  Who you spend your time with and listening to has a huge impact on your outlook on life.  Relationships should help and support you, not hurt you and bring you down.  When possible, limit your conversations and time spent with negative people.  When you subtract negativity from your life, it allows more room for the positive!

Keep moving forward towards your goals. Your rewards will be magnified after dealing with the increased scrutiny.

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