Private Protégé Program

Protégé is a mentoring program led by Barry Donalson that trains you on how to further your career as a successful networker within your company of choice. He dives in depth into what you want to accomplish as a successful networker and organization builder. Barry will become your mentor, not just a coach, and use his years of experience and knowledge to help you become the networker you have always wanted to be.

Mentoring vs. Coaching: What is the difference?
It is easy to become confused about coaching and mentoring. Compounding the mix-up is that a coach and mentor often can perform similar work skill sets, such as professional personal and interpersonal communication and development skills. Often, one works with a mentor when he or she wants to “move up” within an organization. A person would seek the assistance of a coach to enhance his or her professional or personal effectiveness.

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3 Sessions — $699

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5 Sessions — $999

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Group Session – $99

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