content-meetbarryIt’s that time of year all kids dread- “back-to-school” time.  The days of sleeping in, playing all day, spending long weekends at the lake and staying up late are almost over, and that means it’s time to start buckling down and getting ready to hit the books.  It’s that time where the daily routine of studying, homework, and practice begins anew, and learning and growing once again becomes the main focus of children’s day-to-day lives.

As adults, many of us treat summer similarly- we take more time out to relax, play, and enjoy beautiful days and time with our families.  Our schedules become a little bit lighter as we take vacations and longer weekends to enjoy the fruit of our labors.  And while it’s important to take that time out to enjoy life and family, it often sidetracks us from our normal routine, and it can be hard to regain the focus of doing the work to grow and maintain our businesses. 

So how do we regain that focus after being distracted and not fully committed to our business?  We recommit, reignite the fire and reinvest in our businesses and ourselves.   So, as you get ready to go “back to school”, here are three tips that will get you refocused and ready to make the grade and take your business to the next level!

Recommit to your business and make it your priority.  Begin by reviewing and analyzing your business this year-to-date and develop new goals for the rest of the year and an outline to help you achieve them.  Develop a plan and create daily/weekly/monthly routines that include the work needed to help grow your business.  Block out and dedicate time in your schedule each week for tasks such as meeting with your team, attending networking events, hosting private business receptions and developing and mining your prospect list.  Block these activities on your calendar and make that time in your schedule non-negotiable.

Reignite your fire.  It’s time to get that passion, fire and excitement about your business back!  When you’re excited about what you do and your opportunity, it drives your momentum and pushes you to work harder to achieve your goals.  To reignite that fire, start following successful entrepreneurs on Facebook and LinkedIn and gain motivation from their successes and knowledge from their advice.  Connect with others who are passionate about their businesses and become energized by each other’s enthusiasm.  Do whatever you can to surround yourself with positivity, success and motivation.

Reinvest in yourself and your business.  Just like parents purchasing school supplies and spending money on tutoring and after-school learning programs each year, it’s important as business owners to invest in ourselves and our education.  Successful professionals know that the small cost of investing now will reap big financial rewards in the future, so make a commitment to spend the dollars so you and your business can grow.  Make that financial investment by hiring a business coach or signing up for seminars such as our upcoming “Train the Trainer” workshop and watch your business explode!

So we’re ready to get back to school and back to work- are you?  We can’t wait to hear what you have planned for the rest of the year and look forward to hearing about your successes as you recommit to your business, reignite the fire and reinvest in yourself!

P.S.- Speaking of investing in yourself, check out our Train the Trainer workshop this October!