As I turned on the radio this morning, one of my favorites came on the radio as Jon Bon Jovi blared through my speakers “It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m alive. It’s my life”. – it got me thinking about something.

All of us have particular preferences, personal priorities we consider more important than others — people, places, things, events, encounters — physical and emotional keepsakes of who we are or have been as individuals, parents, career professionals, mentors and peers. Family, friends, faith, finances – these and other treasures are as common or unique, as mundane or majestic, as individual grains of sand or infinite stars in space… always impactful to us yet sometimes threatening to others. Such priorities remain personal (precious) to us, constant, unrelenting, despite what others may say or sneer about them, or try to persuade (pressure) us to do differently or drop altogether. But as Mr. Bon Jovi reminds me, “IT’S MY LIFE.” don’t wait for others to hand it back to you, molded in their image, their goals, their aspirations, their values, their own comfort zones.

Way too often, we let others direct our lives, think for us, decide for us, live vicariously through us – managers, co-workers, “friends” and family members, most of whom mean well, but others so self-absorbed or insecure, they need to drag you down to mollify their own diminished existence.

REMEMBER, your goals are never as important to anyone else as they should be to you. Safeguard and pursue them. IT IS YOUR LIFE!

To get what you want out of living, loving, working, helping others:

  • Dream big, great big dreams.
  • Set bigger, more challenging goals. Don’t be shy or wimpy.
  •  Demonstrate the right attitude and work ethic. Living is daily activity, not waiting around to die.
  • Have a clear, forward-thinking vision that acknowledges your continued value and worthiness.

THEN EXECUTE your plan – to grow and prosper, to always seek out, to assimilate, to appreciate, to relish. If you should falter or fail, EXECUTE AGAIN! Success usually comes after a series of disappointments – mere mile markers on your personal journey. Your success (how-so-ever you define it) is entirely up to you. Remember, it’s a choice!