content-meetbarryIn any organization, the key to retaining great people begins at the top- with great leadership. Successful leaders everywhere share similar characteristics: they lead by example, have confidence in their vision, are experts in their field, have built strong relationships with their people and, above all, are committed to the success of not only themselves, but the success of every individual within the organization.

In the business of network marketing, it’s no different. Attracting and retaining great reps and top-tier talent starts with strong leadership, which is critical to the success of your organization. Below are a few examples of these characteristics of great leaders- see if you can identify which traits you have and which ones you can work to improve upon to elevate your leadership game.

  • Lead By Example- You won’t earn respect by simply telling people what to do and how to do it. Instead, a leader should do, not tell, and be involved by working just as hard as everybody else. Be self-motivated and show your team that you are organized, focused, setting and achieving goals, and getting things done. It’ll definitely rub off on them!
  • Have Confidence in Your Vision- If you don’t believe in your mission or the products or services you’re promoting, how can you create a vision worth following for your reps? Have a rock-solid belief in what you do and what you offer and your passion will be contagious!
  • Be an Expert in Your Field- It’s essential that you know your stuff in order to earn the respect of others. If people know you are knowledgeable in your field, people will respect, listen to, and want to learn from you. Share your years of experience and achievements with the organization without showing off. People don’t want to align themselves with amateurs or failures- they want to work with winners!
  • Build Strong Relationships- Strong relationships begin with establishing trust and are strengthened by honesty, connection, and compassion. Be approachable, an active listener and show your appreciation for the other person. Truly care about the people in your organization and be committed to developing solid relationships.
  • Be Committed to the Success of Others- People don’t follow leaders they feel are only in it for themselves. Encourage and show appreciation for members of your organization and be committed to developing and making every team member better. You won’t make the megabucks if you don’t help others succeed.

Were you able to identify any characteristics that were your strengths? Any that might be your weakness? We’ll spend future posts diving further into each of these topics and great ways to build up these essential skills that will make you a great leader and, in turn, retain great reps!