Stop setting goals, instead choose your result!

THINK BACK over your life… and try to come up with a single thing that just landed in your lap. Especially something good! Good things happen when you work hard, study hard, play hard, and plan hard. The REALLY good things happen when you get EXCITED about them. Then the work it takes doesn’t even feel like work!

IT STARTS with setting a “result” …something you can get FIRED UP about. Then set in place the steps needed to reach them. Here’s where a “sprint” comes in – “that plan” requires that you WORK to achieve it. The work is carrying you closer to your “result”. Think about how it will feel to reach that “result”; let yourself get EXCITED! It becomes a cycle — the more excited you are about reaching your “result”, the easier it is to sprint to reach your “result” that you want. When you reach your “result”, don’t forget to celebrate (and celebrate your team’s successes)!

ENTHUSIASM originally denoted inspiration or actual possession by a divine being — its proper usage confined to some form or degree of religious (spiritual) infusion or fervor. However, the word’s lost its heavenly connotations to simply mean intense enjoyment, interest or approval. Enthusiasm is wonderful for four very powerful reasons: (1) It makes life a lot more fun. (2) It’s attractive to people. (3) It makes your message more powerful since that feeling comes through in your body language and voice tonality. (4) Lastly, with enthusiasm things get done and done with ease.

Are you looking for ways to become naturally enthusiastic? Here are a few enthusiastic ideas:

  • Find out what you really like to do. Examples may include fishing, listening to music, working out, meeting new people, etc. If you can spend more time doing those activities that make you enthusiastic, then you are likely to feel enthusiastic more of the time.
  • Go deeper, learn more. If you’re not enthusiastic, it is often because you don’t know enough about the person/topic/job. It’s easy to get stuck in preconceptions or what others tell you is “true.”, but if you go deeper, you may find fascinating stuff (people) that will spark your enthusiasm.
  • See what’s positive in any situation. Build on that to get your enthusiasm going. Any glimmer of positivity can be a starting point to change your perspective to a more positive one where you can find enthusiasm.
  • Get an enthusiastic vibe from other people. If you can’t find any, listen to CDs with enthusiastic people for just 20 minutes.
  • Act yourself into an enthusiastic state. Take the actions that you take when you are enthusiastic, how you move and talk. And soon acting enthusiastically will actually make you feel enthusiastic!
  • Keep your energy up. If you’re having trouble feeling UP it might be because you’re not getting sleep. Eat well and not more or less than enough (7 hours daily). Work out. Drink plenty of water.
  • Be careful with your information intake. Negative and apathetic voices from people (or news) around you can quickly drain your enthusiasm. Replace such intake with more enthusiastic and positive sources. Don’t let you enthusiasm drown in a sea of negative voices.