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Caution — 3 Disc Set

CD-1-Success Enemies
Identify the enemies that decrease productivity in your organization! Success enemies can threaten the essential functions of your organization. They Spread like viruses from individual representatives thorough the leadership levels and can infect the entire organization. Once an enemy begins to spread, it can become an epidemic in no time. Participants will benefit by learning to take responsibility by acknowledging these success enemies and correct them before they impact the team’s results and bottom line.

CD-2-Conflict! “A High Price To Pay!”
How do you handle negativity from the ones you love? You argue over money, the dirty laundry, or the kids. All these things can leek to your business. You think it’s because you’re in involved Network Marketing, it may not be. Conflict…. While it’s often blamed for the breakdown of team unity among partners and family members, it’s often just a symptom of a larger problem.

This program lays out a practical approach that any leader can follow to deal with the symptoms of a negative partner and find the cure. In addition to learning how to solve the 3 most common types of partner conflicts: blaming, belittling, and feuding, you will learn how to promote the positive feelings of unity with your partner for maximum results

Bonus CD: 10 Irrefutable Pitfalls of Network Marketing
On this CD, you will get the specific steps that will keep you from falling to the plague of many good networkers. You will also experience how to use these pitfalls to your advantage to increase the results on your business journey.