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How To Earn $100,000 In Your 1st Year Through A Direct Selling Approach

This DVD/CD was comprised to teach the brand new entrepreneur on how to build a successful business, while building wealth through direct sales. This DVD/CD will show you how to setup a successful text marketing campaign for yourself as well as clients. It will show you how to get the income you deserve on a weekly bases.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to earn over $100,000 a year in your first year without recruiting one person! It will teach you how to create a 30 second commercial to create interest and have people craving to buy your product!

Meet the Author:

As a self employed Real-Estate Developer for 27 years, Dwayne Eddings became a multi-millionaire. After building homes in Fresno, Atlanta, and Somerset; the market took a turn putting Mr. Eddings in $5million dollars of construction debt.

On March, 8, 2008; he decided to build a Direct Marketing business and 17 months later he was promoted to Senior Vice President in the company of his affiliation. He now has a successful direct sales business that encompasses the country and produces millions of dollars in sales. He now teaches others how to become successful in the world of Direct Sales.