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It Is Not What You Make, It Is What You Keep

Mastering your money is like a puzzle. It’s only possible when you have all the pieces. All of the pieces of the financial puzzle affect each other and must fit together. It’s not enough to make money, but you must know how to keep it. Most people pay out 30-40 percent of their income in taxes. But you can cut your taxes in half – maybe more – and it’s perfectly legal and ethical, not to mention smart. The solutions are right in the tax code and there are hundreds of them… You just have to find them to know how to handle your taxes when you start to make money.

It’s common to want to look the other way when we’re faced with dealing with your finances. It’s not a very exciting task for most people. Some people are outright scared to look at their finances, afraid they’ll discover a mess. But today I want to challenge you to drive right in there and make some progress. To give you a bit of guidance, and to lessen the stress of this challenge, I’ve provided some steps you can take today that will quickly help to improve your finances and taxation and how they should work together.

About the author:

Michael G. Murray, CPA MBA
Mike provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to his individual and small business clients. With his specialty in home based business, he provides done-for-you accounting and tax planning. He has over 40 years of experience in accounting and consulting. Mike networks with many business relationships in the banking, legal, and insurance areas to help his clients grow their businesses. A creative problem solver, Mike is frequently asked to assist his clients in trouble-shooting business challenges.