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How To Recruit Top Income Earners

Most of us are familiar with the Pareto Principle, more commonly known as the 80/20 rule; its basic premise is that 80% of any output will be generated by only 20% of the total input utilized. if you have ever built a large sales organization, you’ll also know that the Pareto Principle holds true in representative recruitment. Twenty percent of the people really do produce eighty percent of the business. They also, by producing excellent results, get the lion’s share of the promotions, perks, customers, satisfaction, and of course, the income. If you’re tired of recruiting people who take too long o achieve success in life and more often fail to achieve anything noteworthy, some new best practices may be in order.

Recruiting The Best
Obviously, when it comes to finding top talent, you only want to recruit people who are either in the top 20% category already, or have the potential to get there. The question for top recruiters that begs to be answer is this: What separates the high achievers from the mediocrity of the masses?