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Understanding the Myths

There are myths about Network Marketing that keep people from succeeding in this “Wave of the Future,” the next biggest economical boom in Free Enterprise. Barry believes that professional Networking is the People’s Capitalism, an entrepreneurial trend of the millennium that holds all the answers to financial crises, economic malaise and job dissatisfaction for people worldwide.

On this CD, Barry addresses the misunderstandings of the industry and explains how the industry holds the key for men and women from all backgrounds to create the life that they dream of and teaches them to let go of all that remains mired in controversy, misinformation, and negativity.

Start pushing yourself toward a higher quality of life! Using these integrated tools and strategies developed by Les Brown, you will take control of every facet of your life, achieve optimum success, organize your life, and master essential life strategies. He is committed to providing you the insights to help turn your ultimate dreams into reality – whether it’s achieving financial freedom, taking your career to new heights, or connecting with your loved ones on the deepest level.