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Victim 2 Victory

This powerful and life changing CD will once and for all bring transformation, healing, clarity, and closure to unhealthy sexual behaviors and relationships. You will learn the critical skills, mindset, and healing processes I used to go from being a victim to having victory over sexual abuse. You will learn to identify and avoid pitfalls of unhealthy and destructive behaviors and relationships. From that you will finally recognize, have, and maintain healthy relationships.

On this CD you will learn:

•  What skills do I need to possess to have a healthy relationship after dealing with sexual trauma?
•  What mindset do I need to have?
•  Why do so many sexual abuse victims remain victims long after the abuse has stopped?

You will get the answers to these questions, and many more, to finally be a victor over sexual abuse once and for all…

Meet The Author:

Natasha Elliott has had a victory over sexual abuse for 2 decades. Natasha is passionate in her desire to bring transformation, awareness, relief, and understanding to the patterns and cycles of sexual abuse victims. Natasha’s life changing trainings on this sensitive subject are a must have for sexually abused women of all ages, as well as the men and women in their lives who love and want to understand and support them. Natasha’s message embodies her mission to educate, support, inspire, and fully transform sexually abused women into independent, strong, and transformed women, in healthy, fulfilling, loving, relationships to victorious women.