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“You Can Win” Series — 12 Disc Set

Disc 1- “Why Network Marketing”
You’ll get and inside look at the greater business in the world and learn to secure your financial future by generating substantial walk-away income.

Disc 2 – “Learn To Present Like A Pro”

You will understand how to achieve the outcomes you desire in your business and more.

Disc 3 – “Width & Depth

The power of duplication: you will learn the power of duplication. Follow and teach these principles to build a solid network marketing business

Disc 4 – “How To Do An Effective Home Presentation”

Barry calls it the PBR (Private Business Reception) use this tool as a most effective way to maximize your business duplication.

Disc 5 – “Effective Team Etiquette”

Learn why this is one of the most important ingredients to give you the success you are looking for.

Disc 6 – “Develop A Winning List”

Your list is the blueprint of your Network Marketing business. You will understand how to develop, sort, and effectively communicate it.

Disc 7 – “Key Elements To Opening & Supporting a New Area”

Learn to build a national organization by following these powerful yet easy to understand steps and watch your network marketing business explode!

Disc 8 – “Developing Customs For Life”

Learn the proper steps that will make your customer base explode!

Disc 9 – “Understanding Momentum!”

Understanding Momentum is the true cornerstone to the long-term success of your business.

Disc 10 – “Handling Objections”

You will understand that objections are just part of doing business and how to turn them into positive positions.

Disc 11 – “Why Distributors Fail”

Learn how to prevail over these obstacles and build the business you deserve.

Disc 12 – “How To Evaluate The Right Company To Join”

Learn what to look for in a company prior to giving it your commitment.