content-meetbarryIn network marketing, one of the key components that will determine the success of your business will be your ability to assemble a team of dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic leaders who will help drive and explode the success of your business. But where do you begin trying to identify these individuals?

Well, it all begins with a prospect list- and the importance of this list cannot be understated. This list is the first key step to identifying potential prospects and future leaders that will grow your business. At this point, however, don’t limit your list by leaving anyone off it because you think they might not be interested in your opportunity. You are not prequalifying prospects or excluding anyone from this initial list- later, we will teach you a system to rate and organize your prospects to help identify your superstar representatives and top distributors.

To create your list, begin by writing down the names, phone numbers and email addresses of everyone you know. Start with your inner circle- your close family and friends- and work your way out. Write down everyone you can think of, including:

  • Your immediate and extended family and friends- people with whom you have strong connections and relationships; however, keep in mind these could be the very people who may try to talk you out of doing this business, but you still need to include them in this portion of the list phase.
  • People who you interact with on a daily or weekly basis- your postal carrier, your personal trainer, your church deacon.
  • Friends you don’t see as often but with whom you still keep in contact, such as old high school or college classmates or co-workers from former jobs.
  • Acquaintances you interact with infrequently who are a part of the same groups and organizations as you.
  • Individuals you’ve met once at a networking event or outing.

Once you’ve written down everyone you can think of, go back through that list a second time to brainstorm and write down any contacts THAT contact might have.

Don’t limit yourself to just those first-level connections- write down the name of your church choir director’s grown daughter, your dog groomer’s husband, your uncle’s barber. You never know which degree of separation will yield that top-notch prospect who will help explode your business.

Finally- don’t stop with that initial list- make sure to keep growing it on a continual basis. Set a goal to meet X number of new contacts per day to continually grow your list and keep your prospect pipeline stocked. Make it a fun challenge to seek out new contacts and, wherever you go, aim to make at least one or two new connections each day. In a future post, we’ll show you how to develop relationships with these connections so that, down the road, you’ll be able to convert these contacts into long-term customers or distributors.

In our next prospecting article, we’ll teach you how to take your list and mine it for gold by using a rating system to identify top prospects who will drive your business to the next level. Until then, keep expanding that list and making new connections!