content-meetbarryOver the last month, I’ve been answering your challenging network marketing questions and providing you with useful information to help elevate your business and income.  I’ve provided powerful information on how to deal with negative people, motivate your team and develop the skill of networking, and dove deeper into these topics in recent b-School calls.  This week, I round out the month of answering your questions with the following- when you’ve duplicated yourself in a leg, do you continue in that leg duplicating and how many levels do you build down?

To answer the question above, we’ll need to go a bit deeper (no pun intended) into building your organization through depth.  In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of building a successful MLM organization using both width and depth, but if you happened to miss the article, click this link to get caught up. 

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As a quick refresher, let’s define depth in a MLM organization.  Depth is the strength of your organization beyond its first level.  It’s those second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels that were either sponsor-placed or were sponsored by another team member that create depth.  Building depth under each “leg” of your table not only strengthens each leg but also the organization as a whole, and is key to creating walk-away income.

Depth also creates a belief system about the business for you and your organization.  When you start by building a model leg to show the rest of your distributors and leaders, you are laying the groundwork for success and setting a standard of excellence for the organization. By showing them what a model leg looks like, with multiple layers of leader on top of leader on top of leader, your distributors will follow your example and seek out high-quality prospects and future leaders.  As you continue by helping the person you sponsor to sponsor someone else and onward, you are helping ensure the success of the person each level below you- which will equal success for you and your organization.

However, to build a strong, deep organization, it will take time and patience, as you can’t rush success.  Although you’ll want to start by going deep quickly, remind yourself that your organization won’t be an overnight success and that it takes time and effort to grow your team.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

So why is it important to continue duplicating and building long, deep legs?  Here are the three main reasons to always be duplicating and aiming for triple-digit levels within each of your legs:

  1. It builds stability – A leg is only a leg when it’s been built at least four levels deep.  If you sponsor someone else going wide, and they quit, there’s no stability.  By building multi-layer legs, if you lose one individual, you won’t have wasted all of your efforts, as those individuals below that person will continue to support the leg.  Remember- 80% of the people in your organization will not be business builders- but they’re sitting on a goldmine of people!  The same way multiple legs in an organization increases stability, legs built 10, 50, 100 to 300 levels deep will increase profitability and strengthen your organization.
  2. It will keep your distributors motivated– By building your organization deep quickly, you’ll create a belief system within your distributors as we discussed above.  Depth will create a “fear of loss”, and they’ll fear losing the profitability of their organization if they don’t structure properly- and fast depth will do that for you.  Fast, explosive growth starts the ball rolling and keeps the momentum and enthusiasm going!
  3. It will help you identify core distributors and leaders– When you have depth, leaders and core distributors will surface, usually 3-8 people deep in your organization.  Depth will give you a chance to look at your core representatives who’ll be out there every day doing the business, growing new markets and bringing in new people.  These are the individuals who will always be coachable and up to the challenge of network marketing.  You won’t need to babysit these core distributors and they won’t need any hand holding- they will do it because they believe in your vision and mission.

So remember, you can never have too many legs and they can never be too long!  As you continue to duplicate yourself multiple levels deep, your efforts in the here and now will create long-term rewards and income to allow you to live the life of your dreams.  So get out there and duplicate!!!

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