content-meetbarryLast week, I began a four-week series outlining the 20 reasons why most distributors fail (you can find it here if you missed it).  The first five pitfalls included: 1) not writing down goals; 2) only being interested in personal profits; 3) having a lack of commitment; 4) not responding in a timely manner; and 5) not understanding how network marketing works. 

As you were reading the last article, did you notice any trouble spots where you might encounter roadblocks or issues?  Don’t worry- identifying potential weaknesses provides clarity and allows you to improve upon those areas that might require a little extra attention.

This week, I share with you reasons #6-10 why most distributors fail.  Want to learn all 20 reasons (and more) in one place? Grab my series “You Can Win” and get started!

Take this information and use it to help pave your road to success!

6. They have poor follow-up skills.  Establish a follow-up system to provide prospects and customers with relevant information on your product, service, organization and/or industry. Don’t immediately start out with the hard sell; instead, share value-added content through email drip campaigns, newsletters, and meetings on a regular basis.   That way, when customers and prospects are ready to act, their first phone call will be to you, as they will already be familiar with you and your product/service.  Establish yourself as a known quantity.

7. They give up too easy.  Most distributors give up within 90 days of starting, which isn’t nearly enough time to establish a solid foundation for a direct sales business.  Stay focused and don’t give up just because you haven’t gotten rich in 2 months.  It takes time, patience and perseverance to create a successful organization, but rest assured that the time will be well spent and pay off down the road.

8. They get discouraged too easily.  If you let the little things get in the way and other people dictate your future, you’ll never be successful.  View setbacks as valuable learning experiences and use your mistakes to fine-tune your processes and procedures. 

9. They are simply flat-out lazy.  Sure, it would be nice to sit back and just watch the money roll in without having to lift a finger, but how realistic is that?  Not very.  You can’t reap the rewards of a successful business without putting in the time and effort.  To be successful, you must spend time recruiting reps, mining leaders, networking and all of the other tasks required to operate a business.  Do the work and you will be rewarded.

10. They don’t handle complaints very well.  Most people don’t realize that complaints actually serve a valuable purpose- they’re a way to refine your processes and improve your product and/or customer experience.  Complaints need to be handled as proactively as possible and addressed to the client’s satisfaction.  Find a solution to the complaint that exceeds their expectations and you just might create a customer for life!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where I’ll share five more reasons why most distributors fail.  Use this information to learn from their mistakes and create the success story you were meant to live!

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