content-meetbarryIn not only life but also in business, there are many factors that will increase your odds of success. Today, in part three of our four-part series, I’ll be sharing another five reasons why most distributors fail and how you can learn from their mistakes. Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 can be found here.

We’ll discuss the importance of showing appreciation for others, being consistent, taking ownership, having patience and not taking “no” personally. Use this information to help strengthen and grow your business and create true wealth!

Let’s jump right in – here are Reasons #11-15 on why distributors fail:

11. They don’t show their appreciation for others. Smart leaders know the importance of recognizing and rewarding people for their accomplishments. Make sure to not only reward your reps for meeting benchmarks and achieving milestones but also acknowledge them publicly. People are fueled by recognition- who doesn’t love hearing “great job!” for their efforts? Your team members will be motivated to work harder if they know they are valued. Don’t take you distributors for granted- show your appreciation!

12. They don’t work their business on a consistent basis. To be successful in this business and make the big dollars, you can’t treat the business like a hobby. You can’t work one day on/two days off or put in a few hours every other day and expect to see real results. You must make a commitment to work the business on a consistent basis and follow through on that commitment.

13. They blame their lack of success on everything and everyone else. Passing the buck doesn’t solve anything- it only serves as an excuse to keep you from taking ownership of your problems and fixing what’s wrong. Let your ego take a hit and own up to your mistakes. Take control of the wheel and be the captain of your own destiny. Stop the blame game and make something happen.

14. They are too impatient. In this age of instant gratification, we’ve become accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it- which is usually RIGHT NOW. However, that’s not how network marketing works- if you’re not willing to be patient and put in the time and effort, you’re not going to be successful. You can’t make a thousand dollars on Day One- it takes time to build a strong and profitable business. Patience is a virtue.

15. They take “no” personally. Don’t take the word “no” personally or as someone’s final answer- no simply means “not right now.” Instead, use that two-letter word to your advantage. According to statistics, approximately 90% of people give up after hearing the word “no” after four times, so outlast your competition and ask a fifth, sixth and seventh time. Let competitors weed themselves out and clear your path to “yes”!

Next week, I’ll share the final five reasons why most distributors fail. You won’t want to miss out on this important and useful information, so stay tuned!

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