content-meetbarryOver the last three weeks, we’ve been examining the many reasons why most distributors fail in the business of network marketing, and I’m confident you have gained valuable insight into how to build a successful business by learning from others’ mistakes.

In case you’re just joining us, here are links for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Sharing these failures wasn’t meant to discourage you, but instead arm you with the tools and information necessary for success in this exciting and opportunity-filled business!

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Finally, here are the last five reasons why most distributors fail. Feel free to share this information with a family member, friend or team member!

16. They aren’t flexible and can’t cope with change. I’ve seen many distributors fail because they simply can’t handle changes that come from the company or within their industry. As they say, the only constant in life is change, so be open to fresh ideas and doing things a new and different way. Your willingness to be flexible and accept change will open up new doors of possibility. Remember- change is a part of doing business!

17. They spend too much time preparing rather than DOING. A pitfall that many distributors fall into is that they spend too much time preparing and getting organized and not enough time doing the actual work. Yes, it’s important to be organized, but without the heavy lifting of networking, prospecting, learning, educating and selling, you won’t go very far in this business. Organize later and get out there and DO THE WORK.

18. They have an unprofessional appearance. If you look good, you feel good. Whether networking at a business function or just out grabbing coffee, make sure to be well groomed and well dressed- you never know when you might meet that potential superstar distributor. Even in a relaxed environment, have a clean, sharp appearance- casual can be chic, too!

19. They are know-it-alls. Want to know the quickest way to get nowhere fast? Act as if you know all there is to know about your business and industry and refuse to listen to or share with others. Nobody has all the answers, and without humbling yourself and being open to learning from others, you’ll only go so far in this business. Be open to learning from others who are willing to share their experience and secrets of success.

20. They don’t stay up-to-date on their product and/or service offerings. There’s nothing worse than being behind the times or out-of-date when it comes to your business. To be a successful distributor, you’ll need to stay informed and current by going to seminars, listening to CDs and podcasts and constantly enriching your knowledge about your product, service or experience.

Hopefully you have gained valuable knowledge from the mistakes of others to create success and prosperity in your own business. I look forward to hearing your success stories and sharing in your journey in the coming weeks, months and years!

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