content-meetbarryOver the last few weeks, I’ve been discussing the importance of branding and finding your unique selling proposition to help you stand out from your competition and better attract clients and prospects.  As you worked on uncovering your strengths and rareness by looking to your past, analyzing your competitors’ weaknesses, uncovering your strengths and talking with others, I’m sure you found a compelling and unique value only YOU can bring to customers and potential distributors.  So now that you’ve determined what makes you rare and unique, how do you take that information and use it to your advantage?  Below, I’ve outlined just a few ways you can use your personal brand to get your message out and a leg up on the competition!

To begin, consistency is key.  Whatever promise your unique selling proposition offers your clients, it must be consistent and you must deliver that promise every single time.  For example, if your personal brand promises prompt product or service delivery, you must always deliver on time or ahead of schedule without fail.  That’s how has edged out their competition- they promise on-time delivery and, 99.9% of the time, deliver on their promise, and if they don’t, they make it right.  Be consistent when it comes to your brand.

Your brand message, which you created after determining your unique selling proposition, should be prominent in all of your marketing efforts. Everything from your logo to slogan to color scheme should be consistent throughout all your marketing materials.  You should carry that message through both printed and electronic media- put your slogan or logo on the bottom of your stationery, the back of your business cards, the top of your website homepage, the header of your Facebook page.  The more people become familiar with and understand your brand message, the easier it is for them to know why they should seek you, and only you, out when your product or service is needed.

Not only should your brand be integrated into your marketing materials, it should also be built into every aspect of your business or organization.  If your brand promises a professional, yet approachable, customer experience, reflect that in how you communicate and interact with others.  Be friendly and professionally dressed at networking events and on sales calls if that is part of your brand, and make sure that your email and phone conversations reflect that same professional, yet personable, approach.

These are just a few ways to integrate your personal brand into your business to help get your message out and attract clients and customers.  Take some time to develop a plan to build that personal brand into all aspects of your business, and you’ll begin to see amazing things begin to happen.  Think of unique ways you can use your competitive advantage- the sky’s the limit!

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